Join Us!

Why join AVACA?

To connect with others doing similar work and with aligned interests…  

We recognize that we’re oftentimes the only ones in our own organizations managing (mobilizing / inspiring / supporting!) volunteers.  But there are others out there!

To develop professionally and personally…

We do this work because it helps us grow our careers while also fulfilling our need to give back to our community.  AVACA nurtures both of these important motivations.

To become a more innovative and inspiring leader…

Through our membership offerings, we support each other in becoming the best we can be.  For our community…  For our volunteers and colleagues…  For ourselves!

Your membership gets you access to monthly members-only workshops for the entire 1 year season as well as any Book Club lunches or other special events. Enjoy members-only website content, job postings, and access to the AVACA peer directory.

The Individual Membership to AVACA is ideal for a full-time or part-time professional working in volunteer management.  The cost of this membership is $40.

The Group Membership to AVACA is ideal for larger agencies that may want to send different professionals to different workshops. This Membership is for 5 full-time professionals.  The cost of this membership is $100.

The Associate Membership to AVACA is ideal for individuals who are unaffiliated​ but support the professional development of Volunteer Resource Management & Engagement.  The cost of this membership is $20.

The Student Membership to AVACA is ideal for students of Volunteer Resource Management & Engagement studies.  The cost of this membership is $15.  A current Student ID will be required at your first meeting.

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If you are interested in receiving text message reminders from us, please share a cell phone number here.
We will only send reminders of upcoming events in this matter starting with this membership year. Please make sure you have provided the information above. If you decide later you would like updates, you can ask to be added to the update list at a later time.
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