About Us


Our Mission

AVACA is here to provide a professional association which promotes the professional development of volunteer management and engagement.

Core Values


Members have the right for information shared with the AVACA team to be kept confidential and for the AVACA organization to be a safe place to discuss challenging topics.


Member have the right to be treated with respect and likewise have the responsibility to respect all other members in spoken words and in written dialogue.  We agree to listen actively and be “present” during meetings.  We agree to start and end meetings on time.  If we must take a call, we agree to step outside, and we agree to keep texting to a minimum.


Members have the responsibility to participate to their full potential.  The AVACA group in only as effective as its members, and it is each member’s responsibility to make it great.

Welcoming Atmosphere

Members have the responsibility of making all members and guests feel welcome and supported.  We welcome change, new ideas, and opinions different from our own.


Members welcome a diverse group of volunteer administrators from different backgrounds, organizations, and lengths of service.


Members have the responsibility to be open to others’ ideas and to think “out of the box” to promote the advancement of our professions.

Commitment to Growth

Members agree to come together in the belief that we all can continue to grow, regardless of length of service in volunteer management.

Honest Feedback

Members agree to complete evaluations with candor, so that activity planners can strive for continuous improvement.

Our Approach

We offer opportunities to to network, educate yourself and grow your current position potential.

Our Story

Arizona professional volunteer managers started the state’s first official group in 1973 and called it DOVIA: “Directors of Volunteers in Agencies.”  The purpose of DOVIA was to provide regularly scheduled meetings to exchange information and ideas, host workshops and speakers, and plan collaborative activities. Since then, DOVIA organizations have formed throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.

In 2005, a formal request was submitted to the State of Arizona to re-register the group under the name “Association for Volunteer Administration of Central Arizona” (AVACA).  We are thrilled to be celebrating 15 years of professional growth and camaraderie across Arizona!

Be sure to check out our Current Member section and Board Members section to see who we are!

If you would like to add a positive level to your current career path, join us!