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Networking Luncheon/Book Club

The Volunteer Project: Stop Recruiting. Start Retaining. by [Kizer, Darren, Kreisher, Christine, Whitacre, Steph]Your AVACA Membership entitles you to a copy of our current Book Club discussion book, The Volunteer Project: Stop Recruiting. Start Retaining.  At your first meeting, you will receive a copy of this book, FREE!

We use this book to spark conversation over lunch at The Spaghetti Factory.  There are 4 strategies shared in this book.  We have 4 book club meetings.  We will discuss 1 strategy at each lunch meeting.

Our Book Club meetings are:

  • December 13th 
    • We will be “discussing” Strategy 1 section (pp 1 – 42)
  • February 14th
    • We will be “discussing” Strategy 2 section (pp 43 – 86)
  • April 11th
    • We will be “discussing” Strategy 3 section (pp 87 – 114)
  • June 13th
    • We will be “discussing” Strategy 4 section (pp 115 – end)

What?  You didn’t get a chance to read the strategy we plan to discuss?  Come anyway!  We would love to hear what you have to say able to topics at hand anyway!!

Join us!