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Membership - Appreciation Specialist: -Plans end of year luncheon -Secures and distributes speaker gifts
Membership - Enrollment Specialist: - coordinate and track membership payments -Communicate with Public Relations Website Specialist to update members page
Membership - Communications Specialist: - Send out welcome emails sharing our website and Facebook page -Sends monthly meeting reminders -Sends invitations to other companies inviting their Volunteer Administrative staff to join AVACA
Professional Development - Conference Lead - plans and coordinates all aspects of the virtual conference held in October
Professional Development - Informational Meetings Speaker Coordinator: - works with other members and local companies to secure speakers for the informational meetings
Professional Development - Book Club Specialist: - designs and implements discussion during the lunch meetings with regard to the book we are reading
Professional Development - Event Coordinator: - Find locations to have information tables to get more members - work with members to have coverage at said tables - work with Board to have collateral available to share at said tables
Public Relations - Website Specialist: - Update web pages
Public Relations - Facebook Specialist: - Update Facebook pages